hi i love animal crossing pls get ur fursona in this style from meeeee <3

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hiii im selling cute lil !!!!! I am very poor and chronically ill so money is something I'm unable to earn outside the home generally, but especially right now. pls consider commissioning me! These are SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE

Defensive to the core after years of bad experiences in a cat-filled city, Julia has taken to weaponize even her clothing. From a spiked collar, to a bladed skirt. She's prepared.
#art #myart #myartwork

nothing made me more mad than reading an article about how "millennials can't cook bc look at our websearch data that shows they look up a lot of recipes"

it's the same as deducing that we don't read bc we own fewer physical books

never forget: birds are so funny and cute, every time I see them my heart explodes, they are perfect creatures, and mankind is lucky to know of birds

not sure how I'm gonna pay rent this month.... might need to do commissions......but I'm still learning this new software

You have a t-shirt?

Then you have a mask!

Wear it to escape surveiliance and/or to give some form of protection against #coronavirus.

Wear it wether you are part of the risk group or not, since you can carry this virus even without having any symptoms, but infecting others.

Doing so will not only help to counter the spread of the virus, but also helps to normalize masking up, also as a means to escape surveilliance.

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