all I want in the universe? to make more art and also be able to afford life!

Here's the Horrible Space Bird that I promised y'all last night.

Her name is Klik, and if she cannot find trouble, she will create it.

#sketch #MastoArt #OC #halo

hi i am open for commissions!!! im good at

pls message me for prices!!! im kinda in a difficult situation rn so!!! pls share <3

WISH me LUCK stickers are now for sale!!! I'm super proud of this !! I'm selling these at a discounted rate because I'm still trying to find the ideal manufacturer. so please, if you like these, they're $1.50 plus shipping!! MESSAGE ME TO ORDER

ok so because of some stuff happening in my life I need to open up emergency !! I'll do for $15 (+$5 per additional character) and they'll look like these but I'll add a background. pls share, or message me if you can commission me!! I really need to be sure I can pay rent ;__;

emergency commissions bby needs to pay rent and student loans!!! hmu ! ! I make cool art. flexible on price rn, to a certain extent. I just want to pay my bills !

all i want is to make art and live in shelter !!!

im sorry im always so sad!!! I don't wanna be, things are just really going hard and bad right now. I feel like I'm trying really hard but it just doesn't end up mattering

I just want to not feel like everything is going apart around me

began a long walk even though I knew I had to pee. hubris!!! my downfall

all I want is to make art and be with my wife

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