drew some cute bullshit, not gonna do anything with it probably,,, we'll see

I'm two for the next 3 days!! that means the auction ends on July 3rd!!!! you MUST interact with the Instagram post and comment ON THE INSTA POST for your to count!!!!

look at my other Instagram posts to see my art!!!!


gonna make some !!!! one will be an opossum! do you want a patch?? message me!!

I'm butch but I have to wear booty shorts or I *will* die

anyone interested in a ? I've really been loving making these and am willing to do custom orders!! these are one of a kind, designed and painted by me, and sealed with a waterproofing spray!!!

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all I'm saying is that vaccines should be free and brought to schools and places of work so that no one is made to choose between work and wellbeing

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I was working on my sculpture and inhaled a very toxic chemical 🙃 I'm safe, I just feel SUPER heavy in my skull

I'm just screaming always I guess

there are people who don't have clean water, or reasonable shelter, or access to basic medical care. it is straight up evil to have tons money you will never need and keep it out of the hands of people in need. it is as brutal as any murder.

let me explain. there is no /need/ any person can have that could come even close to costing a billion dollars. it is vastly more than any person could need for their whole life, or their children, or their children's children.

use a solar panel or a windmill to get your electricity, if you can! we don't need fossil fuels !!! I will reply to this post with links to tutorials as far as how to build and hook up your own windmill for electricity!!!! please reply with advice too! together we can restore the planet a bit ❣️

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